Product Design Hackathon in SCU's Locatelli with a 4-hour clock! Come in and design a product for the _______ (topic to be announced day of event!).

We are hosting a ProductDesignathon OPEN TO ALL MAJORS on May 3rd. Our day-long event will promote collaboration between students from different disciplines to solve problems in the world. Unlike other hackathons that are primarily ruled by software solutions, our Product Designathon will promote the creation of an entire product through human-centered design and the design thinking methodology (which means NO PROGRAMMING necessary). The day will start with a keynote speaker, rolls into a four-hour hackathon, followed by thought-provoking mini-games and an awards ceremony to reward those students with the most innovative and relevant ideas. For more information and to register for the event, visit: For an interactive timeline of the event, visit our Preceden page here!

Thank you to Motorola Mobility, Xilinx, TYLT, Santa Clara University ASG, and Bon Appetit for helping make this event possible!

Email cberdinis at scu dot edu for more info!

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  • You need to be a member of the Santa Clara University community. We are targeting mainly undergraduates and graduate students, though family of SCU employees and students are welcome to participate as well.
  • Teams shall be composed of 2-4 people each.


SCID Executive Board

SCID Executive Board
Santa Clara Innovation & Design

Shane Rogers

Shane Rogers
Co-Founder, Hive Design

JoNelle Sood

JoNelle Sood
Director, Global Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Advocate, Xilinx

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Solving
    Does the product really solve the core need? Or is the product just a result of a random idea rather than based on a needfinding activity?
  • Human-Centered
    Does the product implement elements of Human-Centered Design? Do you need a manual to understand how to use it? Are all of the buttons mapped properly? Is it apparent how to use it just by looking at it?
  • Innovative
    Have you seen a similar product before? What makes this product unique?
  • Aesthetics
    This criterion is all about lookin' good. Is the product sexy and inviting? Would you want it in your home?